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Jack Mills is an economics and design specialist based in the South China Sea region.

Jack has been teaching economics in Shenzhen and Hong Kong since 2017. During this period, he also built a graphic design business and co-authored "10 Secrets to Making Cool New Fun Stuff in China" a comprehensive guide to Chinese manufacturing at the IdeaLabGZ. His students have gone on to study at top-tier universities including Shenzhen University, the University of Hong Kong, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, and to summer programs at Harvard and Yale. He is passionate about economic literacy, energy economics, low-end globalization, AML/CTF compliance, entrepreneurship, innovation and graphic design. 

Jack holds a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary and a certificate in Graphic Design from the Alberta College of Art + Design. He was awarded a full scholarship to attend the 
Taipei School of Economics and earn a masters degree, but instead chose to pursue entrepreneurship in the private tuition market. Jack's mission and organizing principle is to guide students toward achieving mastery in basic economics.

He is proudly a Canadian citizen.

To request tutoring services or a consultation, you can click the 
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