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Microeconomics + Macroeconomics 
VIP Tutoring

"Thank you so much for your help with everything in these past two months. We’ve made a lot of progress and I owe a lot of it to you. - Brian Donohugh, Stanford University

Picture this: You're an ambitious student gunning for the big leagues. Stanford, HKU, Tsinghua, Harvard, Yale - the whole nine yards. To get there, you've got to ace your subjects, and economics is one of the heavy hitters. International curriculums for secondary students like IB, AP, A-Level, and IGCSE, have been designed so that when you enter your ECON-201 class in university, you're not going in blind. That means however that you're expected to be basically proficient in a 1st year university economics course while you're still in secondary school. 

Add what should be an easy subject - economics, to your already chock-full plate of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and a second language, and you've got a recipe for a stress-induced meltdown; and as all parents know, teenage meltdowns are best avoided. 

Economics can and should be an easy subject. The easier economics is, the more free time for whatever else you want to do. The easier economics is, the more joy you'll feel mastering more challenging concepts. The easier economics is, the less stress you'll feel, and the more utter confidence you'll exude. You just need the right guide. 

Student Incentives

What makes economics easy? Dry textbooks, abstract formulas with no connection to reality, and/or teachers who might not know exactly what they're teaching? Nope.

So what works? 

visually interesting lessons and video sessions / interactive practice / rapid fire practice exam questions /  incentivized learning / instant feedback / a tutor with private sector experience / 90+ unique pre-prepared micro and macro lesson plans / tailored lessons designed to meet student's exact level of understanding / review checklists / plenty of resources / lists / an expert advisor passionate about economics and their student's success...

Jack Mills is an economics and design specialist based in the South China Sea region.

Jack has been teaching economics in Shenzhen and Hong Kong since 2017. During this period, he also built a graphic design business and co-authored "10 Secrets to Making Cool New Fun Stuff in China" a comprehensive guide to Chinese manufacturing at the IdeaLabGZ. His students have gone on to study at top-tier universities including Shenzhen University, the University of Hong Kong, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, and to summer programs at Harvard and Yale. 

If you'd like to choose proven success, you can hire Jack Mills as an expert economics advisor. Individual 1 hour sessions are $180.00 USD or $1400 HKD. You can book sessions here.

If you're committed to having your child master economics and are looking for a long-term partnership, you may request a value package retainer. When you book a retainer of 10 hours or more you will receive a special rate as a thank you for your dedication. This option is designed for parents who are serious about their child's academic journey and are ready to invest in their future success. Please get in touch to learn more.

Tuition center partnership rates are also available. 


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